At Jammber, we believe that managing creative projects should be easy.

Jammber is a platform that manages the entire music production process, keeping track of everyone involved, making sure the work flows, letting collaborators sign off on important steps digitally, and helping labels and artists file forms correctly in minutes, not months.

By tracking all credits and payments, Jammber creates accurate metadata from day one, notifying all collaborators when certain tasks are due or complete, allowing them to sign off digitally on important paperwork. Above all, Jammber is on a mission to give accurate credit where it's due: to the creative individuals on which the music industry is built.

Magic is when the arts, technology, and humanities come together in a single moment.

Marcus Cobb, CEO and Co-Founder

Manage your Royalty Splits

Create together and get paid together. Jammber manages 'splits' for everyone involved in the songwriting process while accurately capturing all data involved, preventing any delay in your royalty payments.

Royalty Splits

Track Your Songs

While you're creating, we work hard to ensure your song's metadata is captured from creation to completion. Due to our unique backend system, everyone who touches your song will receive fair credit automatically, allowing collaboration to flourish freely. For the first time ever, everyone from the writer, engineer, musicians, and producers will be searchable in one single place.

Work Overview

Manage Your Studio Sessions

Organize and track all of your sessions in one place. Our tools are able to simplify your workflow process by keeping track of your budgets, sessions, and contributors. Jammber’s advanced session and calendar features make sure that everyone you are working with is up to speed prior to stepping foot in the studio. Contributors are able to check in and out of sessions, making it easier and faster than ever to get paid.

Sessions Calendar

Payroll Services

Jammber is proud to announce our partnership with ADP, offering payroll services for labels and creatives. Establish paperwork requirements and payroll dates, providing services for both W2 and 1099 designations globally. Through our portal, you can now pay, and get paid easily in one place.


Streamline Paperwork Process

Spreadsheets and filing cabinets are so 1990’s. With Jammber, you can easily manage your creative projects and effectively organize all administration processes in record time. No more paperwork, now you can e-sign all required documents and contracts, uploading and saving them to your projects for life.


Song Submission to the Newest Songwriter Chart

At Jammber, we believe in celebrating the writers and publishers behind every song, giving accurate credit and payment where it’s due. We are proud to announce the creation of our Hot 100 Songwriters Chart for Writers and Publishers with leading industry partners powered by Jammber’s technology.

By using Jammber, you can seamlessly submit your songs to be considered for the charts, for free! More information coming soon.


Make Way for Music

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From emerging artists to world-renowned labels, Jammber offers a broad range of valuable features at an affordable price.

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    • Union Contract Generation
    • Custom Integrations
    • Payroll (ADP)

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