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Jammber Splits™ was designed with the top songwriters and producers in the world to easily capture your "splits" or song shares in real-time.  Add collaborators from your contacts or automatically using Jammber Nearby™.  Everything you need to track your songs and share with your team in the palm of your hand.

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Jammber SplitPayTM is an enterprise solution that provides a transparent and easy way for distributors to facilitate shared royalty payouts.  Jammber SplitPayTM is a white label, web-based and mobile friendly experience that lets your users assign royalty splits to their collaborators and automatically pay out split payments. As a Big Data platform, it is capable of processing billions of transactions daily.  SplitPayTM can facilitate payments in over 39 countries world-wide in multiple languages including English, Spanish and French.

A State-Of-The-Art White Label Split Payments Platform for Distributors, Content Platforms and Marketplaces

Jammber Money™ is an end-to-end royalty administration platform for DIY creatives or publishers, labels and managers. The platform lets you easily import royalty statements from multiple sources and combine them into one interactive dashboard. It even supports advanced royalty calculations and automated payouts. Large reports? No problem! Jammber Money™ is a Big Data platform capable of processing billions of streams.

Your creative projects deserve more than spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets had a great run, but they aren't the best place to track projects and credits. Professional creatives deserve professional and specialized tools. Our tools were designed based on real-world feedback from top-tier creatives in the industry who work the way you do. The result is a platform that can help your team move projects from concept to release faster, easier and more accurately.

Jammber’s products work together seamlessly to capture the story of your music from the first lyric ideas and song splits all the way to distribution.


PaymentFlow™ helps you send and receive money seamlessly, with support for over 130 currencies in 35 countries. This technology will calculate complicated splits on royalties with multiple owners on songs to make sure collaborators are paid the right amounts.

MetaData Smart™

The music industry is a “copyright industry” with lots of complex and important rules.  Jammber’s MetaData Smart™ technology helps make sure the important information, identifiers, registrations and licenses are all in place to help you get credit for your work and get paid faster.


Jammber’s TeamAssist™ technology manages projects by organizing your team members, tracking credits, and calculating splits - reducing the amount of data entry needed to get paid for your music.  You just review and sign.

About Jammber

About Us? We're About You.

Jammber is a tribe of music fanatics, technology enthusiasts, business model nerds and some guy who just keeps showing up to drink our coffee - all with one shared mission - to Make Way For Music.

Imagine a world where misspellings on paper and wrong equations in spreadsheets don't keep you from getting paid on time, or getting credit where credit is due. At Jammber, we aim to see what happens when creatives can freely express themselves without the burdens of a complicated industry. We work to watch cutting edge music, which might otherwise be lost, span the globe through our tools that were there to help make it happen. Our goal is to put more time and money into the lives of creatives while supporting their art. We want to "make way for music".

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