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Jammber SplitPay™ provides streamlined split payments and unified dashboards for artists and collaborators all over the world.

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Enterprise White Label
Split Royalty Payments

Customize Jammber SplitPay™'s white label platform to have the same look and feel as your website or brand. Available for businesses with complex deal structures and payout volumes of any size, SplitPay™ utilizes your existing royalty statements (of all formats) to securely automate the calculations and payouts.

A Unified Interactive Dashboard

We provide your users with a beautiful, easy to use dashboard to view all of their data sources in one place. Users can view their song splits, see income by source and royalty type, drill down to line-level data and more.

Advanced Calculations and Withholdings

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello automation. Our flexible payment flows can be customized by your artists’ specific deal terms, by track, or by territory. Jammber SplitPay™ automates payment compliance such as 1099-Ks, PCI and OFAC. Facilitate payouts on the net or gross and even calculate expenses, recoupables and more.

Ease of Implementation

Shared royalty payments are complicated for large user groups; we make it simple. Adding Jammber SplitPay™ is as easy as adding any other payment method to your platform, and can be integrated into your site with little-to-no-impact to your existing statement and payment delivery processes. Up and running in as little as 7 days, SplitPay™ is a powerful turnkey payment solution for your business.

Modern, Powerful APIs

Quickly integrate Jammber SplitPay™ with our intuitive, developer-friendly APIs.

Begin test payments for simple or complex payment terms in less than 20 minutes. The RESTful APIs are simple and easy to use.

State-of-the-Art Big Data Platform

Jammber SplitPay™ was built to handle billions of payment transactions and data daily. We've created a high-velocity platform that allows large user groups to automate payments and view royalty data quickly. The result? We help you scale your business.

International Reach

We support payment facilitation in over 39 major countries worldwide in 135+ currencies.

Jammber SplitPay™ is available in English, Spanish and French with support for additional languages and dialects constantly added.

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes

Artists & Collaborators

Access a complete split automation payments platform with clear and transperant pricing

  • $2.50
    Per Payout
  • or
  • 1.99%
    Transaction Fee
  • Whichever is higher
    (ex-border + 1%)
  • Everything you need to track and automate your split royalty payments
  • Interactive dashboard to see your royalty statement data in one place

Customize Jammber SplitPay™'s white label platform to have the same look and feel as your website.

Available for businesses with large payout volumes and unique business models.

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What Creators are Sayin’

“Split payments and the ability to send/receive payments as easy as PayPal [is] going to put so much more money into creators' pockets. Nothing like this exists in the industry today."

William Bowser

Voting Member of the Recording Academy, Mixing Engineer

"The fact that Jammber Splits streamlines the entire process saves me time, and sending split payments is a dream come true!"

Deanna Walker

Top Songwriter, Producer, Composer, Pianist

“Jammber makes it very easy to fill out these splits in a non-intrusive manner when people are creating."

J Hatch

Founder of MogulStatus/ Producer & Songwriter Mgr

"Jammber has changed the way my team handles split payments, it’s so easy to know we can easily determine split percentages and automatically receive payments!"

Gonzalo Contreras (Geeflow)

Emmy Nominated & 20x Platinum Mixing Engineer