Jammber Acquires North American Music Rights Administration Platform TuneRegistry

(Nashville, Tenn. – September 9, 2019) Music payment and workflow platform Jammber, Inc. has acquired TuneRegistry, LLC for an undisclosed amount in a bid to expand its music rights and royalty administration capabilities, the company announced today.

The acquisition of TuneRegistry makes Jammber the first and only self-serve, end-to-end rights and royalty administration platform for North America as the music tech startup prepares to launch its much anticipated Splits platform along with its Jammber Money royalty and payment platform.

“Everything we do is around getting music owners paid faster and more accurately. Music ownership is at the core of all aspects of music usage. Now we can democratize the process of ownership registration in new ways that can scale with the extraordinary growth the industry is experiencing.” says Jammber CoFounder and CEO, Marcus Cobb.

A pioneer in music rights administration, TuneRegistry was the first platform to allow pass-through song and recording registrations, providing thousands of rights-holders and distribution companies the ability to self-register music rights ownership information with over two dozen North American meta-data companies and performing rights organizations simultaneously for fixed monthly fees. Song registration is an imperative step for song owners to get paid for their music usage in public venues and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Pandora, YouTube and others.

Traditionally, registering songs through third-party entities resulted in administration fees up to 20% of royalties and delays in royalty payouts of up to 3 to 6 months. TuneRegistry, with their reputation for high-quality, validated ownership data supports ownership registrations to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN, Music Reports, the Harry Fox Agency (HFA), SoundExchange and several others for fixed monthly fees, starting at just $15/month.

As part of the deal, TuneRegistry becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Jammber and TuneRegistry co-founder and CEO, Dae Bogan, joins Jammber’s executive team as its Senior Vice President of Global Music Rights. Bogan will continue to oversee operations and product strategy for TuneRegistry while working closely with the Jammber product team on its metadata-capture features.

“Dae is the foremost expert in music rights administration and is unapologetic in his mission to help songwriters, producers, artists and performers attach their names to their creations in order to get paid and credit accordingly,” says Cobb. “This is a natural evolution for Jammber’s offering and we couldn’t be more excited to have the TuneRegistry team on board.”

Several companies have attempted capturing song metadata in real-time. Jammber says it believes design and meeting the creators where they are is the key to getting them engaged with these important administrative steps. An approach TuneRegistry founder, Dae Bogan resonates with.

“I have been following Jammber’s development and growth since they graduated Project Music and have become a huge fan of their approach and products,” said TuneRegistry’s co-founder, Dae Bogan. “For my co-founders — Kara McGehee and Shane Zilinskas — and me, Jammber’s mission to revolutionize the way in which music creators and rights-holders self-advocate in the complicated and evermore fragmented global music rights ecosystem resonates with our own.”

Bogan conceptualized and co-founded TuneRegistry to simplify and streamline the music rights administration process. TuneRegistry has since empowered thousands of music creators and rights-holders from over 40 territories to self-administer thousands of songs, recordings, and releases in North America all while retaining 100% of their copyrights and 100% of their royalties.

“I am excited to bring the TuneRegistry platform into Jammber’s suite of products to help music creators unlock the full potential of their catalog and protect their IP,” continues Bogan.

Established in Chicago, IL., and a graduate of Nashville’s Project Music Accelerator, Jammber has emerged as a key player in capturing real-time contribution data as a song is created. This song metadata, as it’s called, not only improves the discoverability of music and content but it helps improvement payment and attribution accuracy.