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Jammber Splits Puts Ownership in the Palm of Songwriters’ Hands

Songwriters are the heart of the music industry, and now, there is an app to help keep the beat going. Music tech company, Jammber, has created the most comprehensive songwriter app. Entitled Jammber Splits, the app empowers songwriters worldwide to capture their credits from the point of creation.

“As a company, are on a mission to break down the barriers creatives face within the music industry. We know that one of the biggest challenges creators face is not getting accurate credit and payment for their work. This stems from not having the right tools to collect metadata from the very beginning of a song,” explains Jammber Founder and CEO, Marcus Cobb. “The technology of Jammber Splits arms songwriters with the ability to maximize their success and revenue by simplifying metadata collection.”

Having the power to capture your percentage of ownership in a song at the point of creation, and simplifying the collection of metadata — which is essential to earning royalties — is a game-changer for songwriters. With Jammber Splits, songwriters have the power to easily manage the collection of metadata with a couple clicks of a button. The ability to organize all the necessary metadata for a song means songwriters will get faster and more accurate royalty payments.

Jammber Splits is now available for download.